10 Signs Your Guy Is a 'Brozilla'

If you've ever watched Bridezillas on WE tv, you know what a demanding bride is like when she's on a warpath. Except instead of battling Mothra over Tokyo, these «bridezillas» are screaming at their wedding planner for getting yellow roses instead of pink carnations.


But men can also occasionally transform from nice, reasonable guys into raging douchebros while in pursuit of the perfect wedding. Whether for himself or for his blushing bride, a «Brozilla» will unleash his fiery rage in order to make sure their big day goes off without a hitch. In honor of Bridezillas, we at Loveawake dating site would like to offer ten signs that your guy might just be a «Brozilla.»

10. He asks for script approval on his best man's toast.

9. He insists that his bachelor party be wilder than the photo montage at the end of The Hangover.

8. When he comes down the aisle, everyone has to high five him.

7. Instead of the usual passed Hors d'oeuvres, he demands Hot Pockets and Smirnoff Ice for his frat buddies.

6. You want a traditional wedding processional, he wants the DJ to play tracks from the acoustic mandolin album he cut in college.

5. Instead of being lifted up on a chair during the Hora, he insists on being carried around on a gold-plated throne and fanned with palm fronds.

4. He fired the wedding planner and dubbed himself «He-Bro, Master of the Wedding.»

3. At his Star Wars theme wedding, he kicks out any guest who comes dressed as Jar Jar Binks. (Actually, this one is pretty reasonable.)

2. He directs the wedding videographer to constantly shoot him in soft focus.

1. He says, «You ruined my special day!» to everyone from the caterer to the five-year-old ring boy.